A Strategy Guide That Spoon-Feeds You Advice On
Meeting And Loving Polish Women In Poland

Bang Poland is a travel guide that teaches you how to make love with Polish women while in Poland without having to go to strip clubs or pay for escorts.

Here's what you'll find inside...
  • How long you should plan on staying in Poland to get the best of what it has to offer
  • The best resources for studying the Polish language
  • A breakdown of the best Polish city to visit for getting your Polish flag (hint: it's not Krakow)
  • The type of lodgings and materials you'll need to maximize your chance of getting one-night stands
  • How to visit Poland on the cheap

Most of the book is dedicated to the women. You'll read...
  • A detailed description of a Polish girl's body where I address the stereotype of them having gigantic breasts
  • The 11 positive qualities of a Polish girl's personality that makes her a top competitor for world's best woman
  • A detailed breakdown of the three types of Polish girls
  • How many approaches you'll likely have to do in order to make love to a Polish girl
  • The type of guys that Polish girls are obsessed with, and how you'll do far better if you can pull off their look
  • The one quality that Polish girls desire above all others, and the one that turns them off

The book teaches you how to pick up Polish girls during the day or night. You'll learn...
  • My favorite opener to use on Polish girls
  • A detailed breakdown on how to pick up during the day, including opening strategy, conversation tips, pitfalls to avoid, and how to best answer their common questions about your visit
  • My method to getting one-night stands in a country where one-night stands aren't common (I describe what type of venue to hit, when to go out, how to approach, how to maintain a conversation, two moves to help escalate the interaction to a kiss, and four surgical routines that release a Polish girl's inner sex demon)
  • What to do when a Polish guy inevitably tries to cockblock you
  • How to date a Polish girl if you don't get the fast bang
  • How you'll be perceived based on your race

I wrap the book up with stories and logistical information. You'll read...
  • A pathetic description of Polish guy game that should make you feel better about your own
  • 5 short stories that offer additional insight and information to Polish culture, including interesting examples of making love with Polish women
  • Detailed city guides on Poznan, Gdansk, Sopot, Wroclaw, and Krakow, where I describe the best day and night spots for meeting Polish women

The 93-page book is organized into five chapters...
  • 1. Welcome To Poland: Country background and logistics
  • 2. Girls: How they look and act
  • 3. Game: How to pick them up and sleep with them
  • 4. Stories: Five short stories from my time in Poland
  • 5. City Guides: Details on five popular cities

Review: "For anyone considering a visit, this book is a must..."

I ate [the book] in a couple of hours. Straight and true Roosh style, time and experience tested. A solid guide with many practical tips, plus the occasional humorous bits and pieces which we've come to expect in Roosh's writing.

For anyone considering a visit, this book is a must. It will save you many hours of research, frustration, effort, and $ since you will be able to get down to business right away, instead of having first to find out where the best options are for nightlife, food, apartments, etc.

Altogether a good book and a great buy.

Bang Poland aims to be a must-read guide for any Western man who wants to make sweet love with Polish women while visiting wonderful Poland. The book is available in paperback and Kindle...

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Bang Poland